CAD videos: expert insights

With a rare, challenging disease such as CAD, shared perspectives from the clinical community can help address the obstacles each healthcare professional (HCP) faces.

Watch clinical experts discuss a variety of CAD topics and share their experiences.

Overcoming the challenges in CAD diagnose

Dr. Morie Gertz

Patient quality of life and reported outcomes in CAD

Dr. Irina Murakhovskaya

Chronic inflammation in cold agglutinin disease

Dr. Ilene Weitz

Thromboembolic events and mortality in CAD

Dr. Bernd Jilma

Chronicity and seasonality of CAD

Dr. Bruno Fattizzo

CAD Patient Videos

Meet Brad

Hear from Brad, a patient with CAD, as he discusses his path to diagnosis, the impact CAD has on his daily life, and the challenges he’s faced because of his disease.

Meet Sharon

Hear from Sharon, a patient living with CAD whose road to diagnosis was unclear and confusing for her and her family.

Meet Fred

Hear from Fred, a patient living with CAD, about the struggles he’s faced due to his diagnosis.

Meet Jorg

Meet Jörg

Hear from Jörg, a patient living with CAD in Germany, as he discusses about the challenges he facing because of his disease.

CAD resources

CAD Mechanism of Disease

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